WouWou Refreshing Body Wash

WouWou Refreshing Body Wash

Available in two fragrances — Hokkaido Cherry Blossom & Forest Green.

Not all shower gels can remove mites. 
Wouwou Refreshing Body Wash is suitable for all skin types. 
It can effectively prevent and improve the damage caused by mites.
Pink bottle has the smell of cherry blossoms, and blue is the wilderness.

The specifications of the two body washes are the same. 
The fresh and elegant fruit fragrance makes the skin refreshing and comfortable.

Effectively help us get rid of the troubles of acne on the front chest and back, 
professionally prevents mites, cleanse skin, deep clean the dirt 
and toxins at the bottom of the skin. 
It can also effectively inhibit bacteria and acne, bacteria growth and infection of mites 
without DRYING OUT your skin.

Let each pore breathe freely.

Available in 350ml or set of 8 x 30ml